Tracking Online Poker Activities

Tracking Online Poker Activities

If this is the first time you heard about the online poker tracker then this is the article that you should be reading first off. This article will tell yo more about online poker trackeryou’re your advantage.

Online Poker Tracker is a computer program, which is based on Windows that permits you to analyze your online Texas Holdem game. Online Poker Tracker saves and summarizes downloadable hand history information from your online poker site, and then analyzes the data to determine your way of playing online poker.

Online Poker Tracker is a renowned software program, which is used for tracking and scrutinizing your poker play by collecting poker information frm the stored poker hand histories. Online poker tracker will not save the poker hand data just for you; you can get the hand histories directly form the online pokr room. But once you have the information, there is no better way of analyzing it.

Online poker tracker permits you to track you ring game and tournameng game on many poker sites. If you have and account on online poker stars, paradise poker, etc, there is no problem. Onine poker tracker will alow you to save hand histroies from every site to the same database.

There is also no need to worry if your screen names are different. Online poker tracker allows you to track your starting hand and see how often you see the flop, raise, win money, and much more with the different hand combinations.

Online poker tracker lets you track your play by position. You can observe how often yo call under the gun, from the cut off, etc. Look at how much money you gain by position.

You can also perceive how you play with a full table or a short-handed onlne poker tracker lets you track yor play by session. Online poker tracker allows you track your hand outcomes. You can oberves how many times you got a full house, flush, etc. And what amount of money you gained with each hand.

Online poker tracker lets you track your worst and best competitors. Learn from whom you have won the most cash and who was taken the most cash from you. onlin epoker tracker lets you track all players you have played online poker against and store particularized notes on every palyer. Yo can view how many times they see the check raise, flop, raise pre-flop, win at showdown and many more.

Online poker tracker lets you clearly play again your hands one by one or play again full sessions or even the entire tournaments. Once you are fully prepared and ready to buy the online poker tracker and overcome the one thousand dollar hand limit, just open the program, click the help button and follow the link for entering or registering.

However, if you do not see the link, click on about poker tracker. Make the purchase from the link site and in less than twenty four hours you should receive your registration code through the net via electronic mail, or more popularly known as e-mail.

When you already have it, go back to the about poker tracker option in the help menu. Type the code in this window and you will immedately have a complete and full veriosn of online poker tracker.