Compulsive Gambler

Compulsive Gambler A compulsive gambler is a person who is not able to resist urge to gamble. The compulsiveness leads to severe personal and social consequences. The desire to gamble becomes so difficult to control that stress can only be calmed by gambling more. 1. Walks, Talks and Breathes Gambling. The compulsive gambler preoccupies himself …

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What Are the Indicators of Compulsive Gambling?

What Are the Indicators of Compulsive Gambling? Compulsive gamblers tend to be bright, energetic, competitive, adventuresome individuals. In short, they may have the characteristics of an otherwise ideal employee. There are no obvious physical signs. Unlike some drug or alcohol abusers, there are no needle marks, breath odor, slurred speech or staggering gait. Like alcoholics …

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What Is Compulsive Gambling?

What Is Compulsive Gambling? Moderate gambling, like moderate alcohol use, is an accepted part of our culture and causes no problems. As with alcohol use, however, gambling to excess is a common weakness that may lead to serious security problems. Compulsive gambling, or pathological gambling as most psychiatrists prefer to call it, is an inability …

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