Recommended Readings to Secure Online Poker

Recommended Readings to Secure Online Poker

The online poker industry grew 27% in December 2003 to about million or €28 million per month. It has grown at that pace ever since.

Experts and industry stalwarts estimate that monthly revenue of online poker players will reach 0m by November 2006. That is quite huge for an industry that is fast-gaining popularity.

The facts and estimated figures will clearly explain why a number of scammers aim to tap the online poker industry for huge and easy money. And the threat by these people led the online poker industry to secure its own domain and fight massive fraud and online cheating activities.

To help you secure yourself, here are some readings that can be accessed through the Internet. The articles and books were tapped to inform and advise you on how online poker is threatened by cheats and help you secure your online poker accounts.

“Winner’s Guide to Internet Poker” by Steve Badger

Steve Badger is a poker analyst. He is constantly in search for online poker rooms that can secure accounts and online players. For a start, Badger is really not into online poker. He is more into traditional or brick and mortar pokers.

But realizing that it is harder to secure poker games in casinos and poker rooms than in online poker venues, Badger conceded that playing poker through the Internet would be more cheat-free.

To summarize the online article, it is generally stated that several mechanics in online poker are different than the usual mechanics in traditional or brick and mortar poker. Badger advises that to secure yourself when playing online, you should equip yourself with the basic knowledge of online mechanics.

Badger also emphasizes that poker magazines and books will also offer you hints and tips on hoe you can secure yourself during online poker games. Know the rules first. For example, in online poker, a ‘flush,’ or cards with same signs, can beat a ‘straight’ card, or cards whose number values are consecutive regardless of the signs.

Other tips from Badger to help you secure yourself during online poker events include: a) Play the level you can afford to play; b) take a good set of starting cards; and basically, c) concentrate or focus.

Casino Gaming. com’s columnist, Maryann Guberman

Through the online poker site mentioned above, an archive is posted containing 2000 and 2001 columns of Maryann Guberman. Ms Guberman is an online poker columnist. Through her columns, Guberman advises readers on how to effectively secure themselves during online poker sessions.

In one of the columns, Guberman discussed how she finds online poker cheats rampant. To secure one online poker venue from scammers would be a difficult task for the online venues and the players themselves. In general, Guberman advises readers to immediately contact technical support of the Web sites or online poker venues if you detect or suspect that hackers or cheats exist in one room or poker game table.

“Pokerworks” by Linda Geenen

As an online poker analyst, Linda Geenen released this online read to advise online poker players on how to secure their games from fraudulent doers and cheaters. The digest will help readers identify collusion and its many and various forms.

According to Geenen, online collusion in online poker can be committed by a group or just a single person. Two or more online players might be contacting each other to exchange information about their cards during online poker games. No other measure can secure you from that.

A single colluder can commit the crime by logging on more than two computers in one online poker game. By this, an innocent player can not be secure because the cheater has the advantage for a home-run and sure win.

The best advise Geenan gives to online poker players is to get out of an online poker game at once, if you suspect or feel that the game is corrupt or that your opponents are cheating.

Wrap up to a more secure online poker game
Overall, no online poker site can secure their game rooms against cheaters and online poker scammers. To secure yourself, the best way would be to get your senses working.

If you suspect or think, or if there are indications that an online opponent is cheating, contact the system support immediately and air your concern. Get out of the game at once. Trust your instincts. It is the best way to secure you, not just in online poker games, but also in the outside game called ‘life.’