Online Poker Sites

Online Poker Sites

The Poker card game has its rumored originations but these originations are somewhat disputed. Most game historians, however, have a belief that the present day poker is derived from several ancient games.

Firstly, the name poker has similarities with the eighteenth-century French game “Poque.” Aside from this, historians claim that that the name Poker is also from the German betting game “Pochspiel.” Both the French game Poque and German game Pochspiel contain the elements of bluffing and betting.

In the German Pochspiel, the Pochspiel player indicates whether they desire to pass or open. They do this by rapping on the table while saying, “Ich Poche!”

Historians have also included the Hindu word pukka as a possible source of the poker word.

Other people claim that there is another possible explanation for the word poker. The word poker was said to originate from an underworld slang word’s version, “poke.” Poke is a word used by pickpockets. Also, cardsharps who organized several card games to extract a sucker of his poke, his cash and valuables, may have also used the word among themselves. By merely adding an r to the word poke would make it “poker.”

A few even believed that the word “poke” came from the magic word “hocus-pocus.” Hocus-pocus is a word used by many magicians as “magic words” during their show.

— The Poker Game Of Today

After several years of debate, historians have yet to decide on the origination of the poker game. Until now, its origination is under debate.

Whatever will be the decision of history, it is a good thing that the poker game is still alive today. The poker game is alive today because of the advent of online poker.

An online poker site offers the poker enthusiasts news and articles regarding the world of poker. The online poker site offers the beginners or novices the chance to be able to excel in their game by providing tutorials and play for fun online poker games for practice.

— Online Poker Site For Old Poker Players

The online poker site also offers many new features and advantages for the old-time poker players. Aside from a faster rate of play and multiple tables available for their access, players need not fear that their opponent can read their reactions to their cards. They are online and are far away from their opponent players.

The online poker site is simply the reason for the eventual spread of poker to every age and kinds of people.

In fact, poker games are never this exciting with the advent of an online poker site. An online poker site can offer the game of Texas Hold’em to prospective players. Texas Hold’em is by far the most popular form of poker being played today. The action for this type of poker play is not only fast but also furious.

The objective of Texas Hold’em is to finish with the best poker hand and win the pot. Two to ten players can play and win Texas Hold’em at any one time. In this game, if two or more players have the same winning hand, they will have to split the pot amongst themselves.

— Available Online Poker Site

The online poker site paved the way for the beginner or novice to have a shot in improving their game. Due to the fame of online poker, the world of poker accepted players of online poker site into their worldwide tournaments, even the World Series of Poker. In fact, some of the recent champions in the World Series of Poker earned their winnings through an online poker site.

Listed below is some of the online poker site available to the beginner or novice:

1. Dan’s Poker Dictionary

This online poker site provides the beginner or novice poker player a lexicographic exploration journey to the world of the popular poker card game.

If you want to check out this online poker site, go to

2 Win At Poker

This online poker site also offer the beginner or novice a list of poker rules, strategies in poker, poker articles, poker software reviews, and poker discussion forums.

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