How the Online Gambling Ban helps Al Qaeda

Just How the Online Gaming Ban helps Al Qaeda

Teams like Al Qaeda may quite possibly be making use of on-line gambling establishments to raise money for their international Jihad, but does banning online gaming actually harmed them. The solution to this question is never, it in fact help them.

The method it aids them is understandable. The majority of the cash spent on online gaming was mosting likely to publicly owned British drivers, yet the online gabling restriction gone by the American Congress put a quit to that.

Out of anxiety of effects, as quickly as the law was authorized these firms liquidated all operations dealing with the USA, but on the internet betting is still going on, so now who is getting the cash.

The problem with the Gambling ban is that it does not quit individuals from betting online it only stops reputable operations from getting the cash and less reputable ones start obtaining rich.

It is these small casino sites that prior to went primarily undetected, that will currently be generating the billions that will still be wagered online.

It is likewise these casino sites that have the finest opportunity of being a front for AL Qaeda.

Some so called professionals will certainly tell you that this is not true and that it was thru having shares in these publicly traded online gambling enterprises that terrorists were earning money, yet if they were getting shares of on the internet casino sites I am certain they are getting shares of Microsoft and Google. So why not outlaw them as well?

However once again the American people appear to be getting lied to by their chosen Government officials, and it is time that we the individuals resist versus the government.

It is time we as a country begin to question and demand solutions that make sense from them, besides they benefit us, do not they?

If you are tired of all the lies, after that there is something you can do.

Jim Nickogoski the maker of the http: has begun a website to assist combat versus the Online Gaming Ban, the web page likewise offers an on the internet request so you can inform the federal government you do not concur and you require they reverse this unjust and unjust legislation.

The only real method for the federal government to ensure that money made from online gaming is not going to money terrorism is to work with each other with the on the internet gambling establishments to manage the sector with licensing so you really recognize who is obtaining your cash. Just after that can we make sure none of our money is going to individuals eliminating out soldiers and threatening the American lifestyle.

So make your voice herd, write letters to senators, congressmen and even the Head of state. Inform them you differ with the legislation and inquire genuine evidence that this regulation is really what is ideal for us.

In the end I make certain the legislation will certainly be turned around, perhaps eventually the government will learn what many Americans currently recognize a ban on something never works, also if the government revealed evidence that online gambling enterprises are run by terrorists people would certainly still play in them, even if they are not intended to be it is simply human nature.