There hasn’t probably been any other dispute as publicized as that regarding the gambling in Bermuda. A survey of its people would give you strong convictions on their stands – for or against it. There are those who are undecided, and quite a few who do not seem to have any opinion on it at all. I can’t say I blame them.

Gambling in Bermuda would definitely boost up its economy. But do they still need to? If gambling in Bermuda is legalized, would that attract more tourists than it already has? Not unlikely. However, tourists do not exactly go there to gamble. I mean, if they do, what is Las Vegas for?

As it is, Bermuda can offer anyone the vacation of his dreams without the presence of casinos. Sure, some guests would probably like to go there on some nights, but that would mean less people would go to the other local entertainment places. Those that are for the gambling in Bermuda would assure themselves that the casinos are not alternatives to the fancy clubs and pubs that offer great entertainment. But who are they kidding? And why take chances?

People are who totally against the gambling in Bermuda believe that crime and other social problems will start to crop up. Possible. Casinos and other forms of gambling, whether we like it or not, are always associated with drugs and booze. Not all the time though. Just because one goes to the casino does not mean that he’s into drugs. Some would raise their eyebrows at this. Of course, gambling in Bermuda may not really have any influence on social problems like family and community relationships. Firm values are a better gauge of how one’s personal relationships turn out.

Those who are undecided are those that are open to the endless possibilities. Each contradicting party has a point. They both make sense. And they have the best intentions. However, this is an issue that has to be resolved in order for those intentions to be realized. Will the gambling in Bermuda increase tourism? Or will it kill it? Does Bermuda have a thriving enough tourism to do away with gambling? These questions may yet draw out different answers from everyone. But only in answering them truly and facing the hard facts, that a mutual decision can be made.

Major changes are to be expected especially since we all are living in a fast-paced world. However inevitable these changes might be, they are not at all times necessary. So for those who are indifferent about the gambling in Bermuda issue, they either had too much sun or have been diving too often to hear the debate. Roll the dice, anyone?